How to Register a Company in Federal Migration Services (УВМ)

How to Register a Company in Federal Migration Services (УВМ)

How can an invitation for russian visa be issued? What to do in order to issue invitation for Russian visa? How can you register a company to UVM (Federal İmmigrant Services -Upravlenie Po Voprosam Migratsii)? Here are the answers for these questions:

For issuing of invitation which is necessary for Russian visa, for being able to make of visa extension procedure and for being able to make of migration registry, it is obligatory that foreign or Russian company has the registry on District Directorate of Federal Migration Ministry (UVM). If you company plans to invite your foreign partner, to get the foreign work power worked, registry on UVM is necessary. Your company which has the registry on UVM, namely which is accredited, has the right to issue commercial, business and work invitation for foreigners that will come to Russian Federation. Company is accredited for one year, this record is renewed each year.

Although the registry making time for companies in UVM is shown as”......within 1 month....” in laws related to migration, we can do your registry on UVM in 1-2 working day.

We give the list of documents which are needed for making the registry of company on UVM, below as Russian since we think it will be more understandable.

Документы, требующиеся для регистрации фирмы (постановки на учет) в УВМ по г.Москве с целью оформления приглашений для въезда в РФ, следующие:

№ п/п Наименование Количество
1. Нотариально заверенные копии первичных ИНН и ОГРН 1
2. Выписка из реестра (сроком действия до 1 месяца) 1
3. Копия Разрешения на привлечение иностранных работников и копия разрешения на работу – при оформлении Генерального директора 1

Depending upon continuous improvement of migration laws and issuing of Russian Federation new decisions and laws and the works of putting of migration services in order, the above information can change. We recommend you to contact us for your company can prepare exact and correct documents, not taking rejections from legal authorities and avoiding from possible difficulties which you may encounter.