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Russian Visa Registration

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How to get Russian visa registration, Registration of Visas in Russia

Please note that not registering your Russian visa may lead to serious problems: you may be stopped by police, fined, be made non-eligible to get a Russian visa in the future, etc. We strongly advise you to register your Russian visa to avoid possible consequences. It is also very important to register in time.

Russian visa registration is a very important official proceeding for your happy and hassle-free stay in Russia. Each Russian visa must be registered within 7 business days upon arrival to Russian Federation (except holidays and week-ends).

You have to register your Russian visa every time, when you cross Russian border and get new Russian Migration card. 

When you arrive in Russia , please ensure that your Russian visa and Migration card are stamped at the border. This stamp is important for Russian visa registration purposes.

If you are stay in hotel, your Russian visa will be registered by an administrator for the dates of your stay.

If you are not staying in a hotel , we will provide you with this registration.  

IMPORTANT: The registration period of your Russian visa cannot exceed 3 months after the date of your arrival in Russia (this date is stamped on both your migration card and in your passport at the border) and/or the expiration date of your valid Russian visa.

if you require our assistance in registering your Russian visa upon arrival, we will need:

  1. a copy of the important information pages of your passport (showing your name, birth date, passport number, and expiry date)
  2. a copy of the prolongation page of your passport (if applicable)
  3. a copy of your valid Russian visa
  4. a copy of your Russian migration card

Once we have received all your documents, it will usually take 1-2 business days for us to register your visa to Russia.


Our address in Moscow:
Volgogradskiy Prospect , Dom 28 , Office 18,

+7  (495) 647 04 66


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